Sewing and fashion design

Good morning!

I am now adding in alterations and making clothes to the list of available services I can offer. I am still new at this so projects arent perfect but I will keep working at it until I am and adjust prices accordingly

More wacky creations to come hopefully


I have temporarily removed my photography to add watermarks. In the mean time my photography can be found on 500px under the profile Jessica Strong. Thank you

Realism Practice

This is a drawn image of a photo of Rachel Hilbert I copied off the internet and slightly changed her eyes. I am pleased to report this only took a few days and it was far less frustrating than usual 🙂

Character design

Adding another to the collection. I heavily referenced the sword and torso of a drawing of a king off Pintrest, thank you for the reference other artists ^__^. The legs I drew from a photo of tuxedo pants and the rest of the details were provided from the client with photos. I am happy to learn from the sources provided, thankyou.


I’m pretty fond of this more recent drawing. Again thank you studio clip art, what would I do without you?

Practice drawing from a photo

Not gonna lie realistic drawing is not my favourite, it takes me ages and I’m constantly fixing proportions and mistakes but ill keep at it because I definitely need the practice. I’m aware its not perfect but this is 2 days worth of work and I need a break from it, ill probably come back to it again soon and keep working.

Yes the bolder colours were intentional.


I copied from a beautiful portrait I found on the internet


This is a mash up of my friend and his favourite mario kart character. Same method as before, two seperate images were sourced from the internet so peaches body wäs not my own design and I used my bosses face from his picture, both images have been traced and coloured. Its a nice excersise.  Fingers crossed he likes it 🙂